School starts on September 
 Anne Frank Public School 

Sundays 9:30 am-12:00 pm

Sundays: Boys and girls 4-12 (JK-Grade 6)

Chabad Romano Centre

More Information
If you wish you can schedule an interview with
Rabbi Shlomo Vorovitch
to discuss all the details of the Hebrew School

We strongly encourage close communication between the school staff and parents. We are deeply concerned about the progress of each individual student, and would be more than willing to spend time discussing your child’s progress with you. Please don’t hesitate to call us at 905-303-1880 should any issue or question arise. Also, every week, your child’s teacher places a short newsletter with the basic information of what was learned that day in the classroom. This way, you can be kept abreast as to what the children are learning.
All of our teachers are warm and sensitive who endeavour to help every child reach his/her potential. They are all fluent in Hebrew and experienced in teaching. They are creative, fun and passionate about Judaism, so they are truly able to pass on their excitement for our traditions and Holidays.
Newsletters will be given out regularly. They will tell about progress, special events in the classes as well as important information you need to know. They will also include entries from the students. Please read them. Your comments are always welcome, as we are always looking for new ideas and ways to improve our educational program.
Our school was developed for families who take their Judaism seriously. The first step in the right direction is for parents and children to realize that attendance is the key to a successful school year. Children who take days off not only miss important schoolwork, but also create an atmosphere of “Hebrew School is not really that important”. Parents should schedule all appointments, enrichment programs and extra-curricular activities on non-school days.
Children are not to be dropped off more than 10 minutes before school. Be sure your child arrives to school on time. Children who arrive late miss the daily prayers. Please see to it that your child is picked up at dismissal time.
All boys are required to wear a Kipah for all classes. Hebrew School will initially provide one at no charge. It will be the responsibility of the student to bring it with him to school. Although we prefer a Kipah, we do allow baseball caps.
The $75.00 Book Fee includes the students’ workbooks, folders and very own Prayer Book. All textbooks are provided to your child by our school “on loan”. This means that the books are made available to your child to use in class and take home throughout the school year, but must be returned at year’s end. If your child should lose any of his books, you will be charged our cost per book to have it replaced. Workbooks are the property of every student.
Students should bring with them to school the following: Crayons, markers, pencil, eraser, highlighter, scissors and 2 glue sticks. We will supply them with a folder, in which the homework and weekly newsletters, and notices will go. Please read the notes that come home, each week, so you will be informed of our programs.
Tzedakah (charity) is a concept, which is basic to Judaism. Our school attempts to develop a commitment among our students to share with others less fortunate than themselves by donating a few pennies a day to charity. Parents are asked to provide young children with a coin daily for Tzedakah. Older children should give Tzedakah from their allowance money. The Tzedakah money raised by our Hebrew School students will go towards the needy in Israel.
For the younger classes teachers may ask to send in a Mitzvah note. This is a note that tells something special that the child has done. Children really look forward to hearing what their parents have to say. So please be sure to send one if it’s requested.
Hebrew School has a ten-minute recess in which time our students have a chance to catch a breather and enjoy a snack. We provide a nice kosher snack of cookies or fruit and juice. No outside food is allowed in the school, unless your child is celebrating a birthday. In that case, cupcakes or doughnuts from a kosher establishment bearing a COR PARVE will be gladly accepted.

The following are basic parking rules and regulations for our Hebrew School:

1. You may drop off your children at the side entrance of the building (near the playground). Children in Grades 3 and up do not have to be escorted into their class.

2. Children will be waiting at the entrance at 12:00 to be picked up. JK-SK and Grades 1 and 2 students must be picked up from the classrooms.