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The students learn Hebrew through a fun and competitive Aleph Champ program.

Our Torah class is a review of the Torah portions. Classes learn different books of the Torah each year, starting with the story of creation, until the Jews leaving the desert and beginning to prepare to enter the land of Israel.
Lessons on each Jewish holiday will fill the calendar as we proceed from Rosh Hashanah and the High Holidays through the holiday of Shavuot. The students will have a deeper understanding of each holiday and its traditions and customs. Chabad Hebrew School will also host holiday celebrations for our students and their families.

Why do women light Shabbat candles? Why is Shabbat such a special day in the week? Why do we have a Mezuzah on our doors? Why is the bride veiled at a Jewish wedding? This class will teach basic Mitzvot to the younger grades and provide insightful meaning of more complex Mitzvot to the older grades.
As an added dimension to our student's Hebrew School education, we will be strengthening our students' Prayer skills through the use of a Siddur. All students in Grades 6 are required to have a Siddur at all Hebrew School classes.

Our goal is to instill confidence in our students' Prayer skills and to enable our students to participate more in Shul, as well as to increase their Hebrew reading and vocabulary skills.

In order to derive the most benefit from this enhanced curriculum development, standardized text has been chosen.

The Siddur Tehilat Hashem by Kehot was chosen for its many merits including:
*Large clear print with vowels
*Numbered lines
*English Prayer instructions

If you need to order the siddur, the Hebrew School has received a bulk discount and we are happy to pass the savings directly to you. The cost price per Siddur is $25.

The older students of Chabad Hebrew School will follow any current event concerning Jewish issues and Israel. Students are encouraged to bring in newspaper clippings, and discussions will follow, keeping our students well informed of the world and its relationship to the Jewish people.
Art projects are incorporated into our curriculum to add excitement to the upcoming holidays and Mitzvot. Our projects will have Jewish holiday and Mitzvah themes and will add a taste of Jewish life to your home. The younger students will be doing art more often than the older grades.

Chabad Hebrew School will offer a variety of extra curricular activities such as special guests, Shabbatons, field trips, contests, etc. These events will allow our students to experience Judaism in its entirety, both in and out of the classroom. More details will follow once the school year begins.

As the students near the age of Bar/Bat Mitzvah, they need more training in Judaism. Boys need to be trained to read from the Torah. Since each boy's Torah portion is different, each child needs individual training. Rabbi Vorovitch will help arrange that training whether or not you choose to do your Bar Mitzvah in our Shul. If you choose to celebrate the child's Bar Mitzvah in our Shul, a meeting must be set up with the Rabbi to review the particulars. Please call (416) 318-6565

The girls are invited to join our Bat Mitzvah club, in which they will receive extra instruction along with fun activities. This club meets every second week from October through April, and culminates in a beautiful dinner at the end, in which all the girls invite their relatives and friends to join, they each say a speech, and we celebrate with music and dancing.


All children will receive Hebrew School dollars for good behaviour, homework completion, contests, etc. The school dollars can be traded in at recess time for kosher goodies or cute prizes. This exciting program will allow children to get involved in all types of contests and fun activities and be rewarded for it in the way they choose! (Also, if they are hungry during recess for more than the regular snack, they can cash in their dollars for a snack!) Look out for some great prizes!