What Gan Shalom Offers

Gan Shalom offers a warm, creative, Jewish environment, where children are exposed to the world of discovery, exploration and learning.

At Gan Shalom, your child is special. Our teachers care for and are sensitive to your child’s needs. They are experienced with preschoolers, and are patient, loving and nurturing.

Gan Shalom offers a unique blend of learning experiences. One of our most basic concerns is to help children develop social skills; to relate to each other in a friendly manner of communication and cooperation.

Gan Shalom offers an academic, richly varied curriculum, with an emphasis on literacy and discovery. We offer a language rich environment that is conducive to learning. Even our littlest children are exposed to numbers and letters, and are encouraged to grow, explore and learn in a way that is relevant to them. Our nursery and kindergarten students have a literacy-rich curriculum that encourages them to be reading by the time they finish our program. Each child is encouraged to proceed at their own pace, so learning is enjoyable too!

We use a hands-on technique when teaching almost every topic, as children learn best when they can do, touch, taste, manipulate, build, and create, everything that they are learning. With every theme that we learn about, we make sure to include some science, math, language, building, sensory, fine motor, gross motor, and drama activities, thus encouraging all children to learn, using their particular learning styles. We also encourage the children to learn independently and become responsible young people. Gan Shalom provides excitement to our program by doing new things every day, while providing a routine that the children are familiar with so that they can feel comfortable in their environment.

We teach Jewish traditions and holidays, such as mezuzah, Hanukkah, shofar and Tallit, in a way that nursery children can understand. We bring them an excitement for Jewish culture, encouraging family participation and involvement.

We look forward to having you join our Gan Shalom family.