Wallen Headshot.jpg Mrs. Rus Devorah Wallen, LCSW, ACSW

Rus Devorah is an accomplished musician, performer, social worker/psychotherapist, administrative consultant, lecturer and community leader. Displaying unusual versatility as an educator, she conducts workshops and programs on various themes ranging from emotional wellbeing and marriage enhancement to Chassidic philosophy, music and religious practice. Mrs. Wallen is an inspiration as a Jewish woman, therapist, teacher and friend. Her warmth, sensitivity, humour and genuine concern for others, are the qualities she employs in her creative presentations, generating a special rapport with the many individuals she touches in her world traversing events. Rus Devorah and her husband Eli reside in Amherst, New York.

Mrs. Ester Kagan

Ester is a retired teacher and Holistic Nutritionist.  She joined the Chabad community 2 years ago. As a member of Chabad Romano Ester's knowledge of and devotion to Judaism has flourished. As a nutritionist she has learned the power of food to heal. Ester lives in Thornhill. She has a daughter who lives in Israel and another daughter who lives in Toronto. 



Mrs. Toby Bernstein

Toby has been a Shlucha in Richmond Hill, Ontario since 1995. She enjoys teaching classes, devoting her time to her community, and of course, raising her family. Toby has taught children and adults of all ages, from Nursery to Adult Education, and she also occasionally writes for Chabad periodicals, such as the N'shei Chabad Newsletter.


Mrs. Michèle Sankar

Michele started her life as a religious Roman Catholic in small town in Ontario, yet went on a journey which led her to become a Torah-observant Jew. She is a teacher in the GTA where she lives with her husband and three children. Michele plays an active role in her Chabad Romano community.