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Mrs. Adrienne Gold
Adrienne Gold was a fixture on Canadian Television for over 15 years, both as host of her own daily Fashion and Beauty program, and as a regular contributor on scores of others. After taking a ‘life-changing’ trip to Israel, she found herself captivated by the spiritual wisdom of Judaism, and wanted to share that wisdom, much as she shared her passion for fashion!  She spent the past 15 years as Senior Lecturer and Community Liaison for The Village Shul in Toronto, and lecturing around the world. Today, she is a Trip Leader for Momentum living almost half the year in Israel, and the other half based in Toronto. She travels extensively helping our partners keep the flame alive after the trips, and igniting the flames of upcoming participants. She may teach Torah now full time, but her primary obsession continues to be SHOES!

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Mrs. Agnes Fallen
Agnes Fallen is a well known makeup artist within the Toronto community. She can do your makeup for any event, including weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, work related events, and more. Agnes teaches private lessons to women citywide, helping them look their best!

 Sheryl Gottdenker.jpg

Mrs. Sheryl Gottdenker
Sheryl enjoys experimenting with different chocolate ideas and sharing her creations with family and friends! Sheryl has graciously offered to share her expertise with us so we can enjoy too!

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Mrs. Sara Icyk
Owner of Energize with Sara, Sara provides health and wellness education and practical hands on guidance to women. Sara is passionate about women’s health issues, and teaches mindful meditation, yoga, fitness instruction and is a practicing dietician as well. 


Mrs. Vlada Karelin
Vlada Karelin has been painting and drawing since she was old enough to hold a pencil. She enjoys teaching art to people of all ages and holds “Paint Nites” all over Toronto.

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Mrs. Tatiana Liansky, Hom, B. Sc.
Tania Liansky has been actively involved in homeopathy and nutritional practices as she searched for tools to staying healthy. Tania is a certified homeopath with an interest in nutrition.

 Tracy Seider Cropped.jpg

Mrs. Tracey Seider
Tracy Seider is a certified movement coach who is on a mission to help peri- and menopausal women lose body aches and feel awesome, without hours at the gym or endless kegels. She also helps women learn about their core and breathing techniques.