Schedule of Events

Friday, March 29, 2019

Check in after 3:00 p.m.

Enjoy pre Shabbat refreshments and relax at Chabad, with old friends and new

4:00 Prepare for Shabbat

6:00 “My Journey” through Story and Song - with Rus DevorahWallen

6:45 Candle lighting and mini Shabbat meditation - Shabbat and Light

7:15 Welcoming in Shabbat with Tranquility- The meaning of Sholom Aleichem, followed by Kabbalat Shabbat

7:45 GOURMENT SHABBAT DINNER, with song and inspiration(sparkle up in your dressiest clothes!)

9:15 “Attitude of Gratitude” with Rus Devorah Wallen

9:45 Late Night Kumsitz (warm, intimate gathering with sweets, song and storytelling)


Shabbat, March 30, 2019


9:15 Optional class: “Does G‑d really Care What I Eat?” - Chassidic Insights into the Torah portion of Shmini with Toby Bernstein

10:00 Prayers – You can pray on your own
                OR Enjoy a prayer circle led by Toby with a guided Shmah meditation by Rus Devorah Wallen

11:00 Workshops:
                Option #1: “Let Go and Let G‑d” - Developing Confidence and Serenity with Rus Devorah Wallen
                Option #2: Everything You Wanted to Know About Judaism But Were Afraid to Ask - with Ella Vorovitch and Chinkah Zirkind


1:30 TED Talks - hear from 3 special women about something in their lives that made a huge impact on who they are:
            1. Tina Gaisin - My Journey as a Cancer Survivor
            2. IlanaKalniky – HP- I Open My Eyes and See Hashem
            3. Ella Vorovitch - Kisses from G‑d

2:15 Comedy Skit - Welcome to Shaina Maidel Shoppers Mart!

3:00 Shabbat Rest/ tea room open/ walk to the Falls

5:00 Workshops:
                 Option #1: Nutrition and Healthy Eating - with Esther Kagan, nutritionist
                Option #2: Mastering Mindful Relationships - communicate better at home, at work and with friends with Rus Devorah Wallen

6:00 SHALOSH SEUDOS (Third Shabbat Meal)

7:15 Workshops:
Option #1: Easy Energy Healing Tools for Everyday Life - with Shulamit Finkelstein
            Option #2: Geneology - Finding out where you come from, your family background, etc., with Michele Sankar

8:30 Musical Havdallah - Farewell to Shabbat

9:30 MELAVEH MALKS - light dinner, concert with Ariella Goldberg, dancing, karaoke


Sunday, March 31, 2019

8:00 am Body, Mind and Soul - Awakening the mind and body through meditation and gentle morning stretch

9:45 Check out

10:00 BRUNCH (Farewells, Wrap Up, Inspiration)

11:30 Choice of Wine Tour at Tzafona Wines, shopping or home time!