Children follow a curriculum that is varied in activities, based on different themes. The themes are used as a spring board to teach the children various skills that they need to grow and mature. Curriculum night for each class is held early in the school year. At curriculum night, the teachers explain the curriculum for the upcoming school year, their goals that they wish to achieve with the children, and their daily schedule.  CLICK HERE for more info.


Please send a Mitzvah Note periodically. This is a note that tells something special that the child has done. Children really look forward to hearing what their parents have to say.

We like to encourage the children to give to others less fortunate, so we ask that parents send in some pennies in a small labeled container to be given as tzedakah, charity, every day.


1. Snacks:  
We serve healthy snacks to all children daily. Our snack menu is posted in the kitchen and each classroom.

2. Birthdays:  
a) Classroom birthday parties may be arranged in cooperation with the staff at school – at least two weeks in advance. We now make the cupcakes on our premises as to make it easier for parents, ensure kashrut and children with allergies are safe. Please call the office to order cupcakes, 2 weeks in advance. The cost is $15. 
b) Please do not ask teachers to distribute birthday invitations for parties out of school time. 

3. Allergies:  
Due to the common allergic reaction some children have to nuts and peanuts and various other foods such as sesame, eggs or fish, we ask all parents to refrain from bringing in food from home. Should your child be    bringing in their breakfast due to not having had time in the mornings, please be sensitive to what ingredients are in the food. Food such as plain Cheerios, raisins, etc., are safer. Your sensitivity to this matter is much appreciated as it is our duty to ensure the safety of the children with allergies.


Shabbat Party:   
Friday is a very special day at Gan Shalom. On Friday we organize a Shabbat party for the children. Every week a different boy or girl will be chosen to be the Ima (Mommy) or Abba (Daddy). A note will be sent home in the beginning of the week informing you if your child was chosen. The real parents of these children are then invited to bring a treat, join us for this special program and take pictures of these precious moments. Food must be purchased at a Kosher Parve, nut/peanut free facility.

Field Trips:   
Throughout the year your child will participate in several exciting and educational field trips. Permission slips will be sent home and must be signed and returned before each trip. The school will make arrangements for transportation. When needed, we will ask parents to help chaperone and accompany us on some outings. We always appreciate your voluntary assistance and urge you to participate whenever possible. 

The staff welcomes interesting visitors (i.e. doctors, musicians, artists) to the program, who will talk with the Preschool children about their professions, interests or hobbies. Please inform the staff if you know of such a person, since the children will enjoy their participation in the program. 

We have a Library with children's books for your enjoyment. The books range from Jewish concepts to behaviour to comic. Take them home and read them to your children at your convenience.

You will receive a school calendar at the beginning of the year. We are closed on legal holidays and Jewish holidays. 
Online Calendar

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