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Why Join

Why Join


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Do you have a daughter turning Bat Mitzvah soon? Or has she turned Bat Mitzvah already and you still have not celebrated because you don’t know what to do? Have you celebrated with a party but would like a more meaningful way to celebrate? If you are not sure as to what preparations to make, or how to make this event a meaningful one in your daughter’s life, then maybe the Bat Mitzvah Club is for your daughter!

The club will be run bi-weekly; and will run from October to April. The program will include Torah learning as well as lots of hands-on activities, including art, food decorating, ceramics, community outreach and trips. The program will take place in different participants’ homes on a rotating basis.

The club will round off the term with a beautiful luncheon and presentation, in which all of our students will have a chance to speak, and invite family and friends.

The cost of the club is $250 for the season . The cost of the luncheon is separate; details for that will follow at a parents’ planning meeting in October.

Your daughter is invited to register a friend too, but space will be limited, so reservations are on a first come, first serve basis. After 12 girls, a 2nd group will open up. If your daughter wants to be with a friend, the friend must register for the same group too, at the same time.

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