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  • Lag BaomerFamily Laffa Night Thursday, May 3
  • Shavuot EventsCommunity Dinner & All Night Learning ~ Ice Cream Party & Ten Commandments May 19-21
  • Lecture: Thou Shalt InnovateHow Israeli Ingenuity Repairs the World with the author of this amazing book, Avi Jorisch May 30 @ 7:30 pm
  • Shabbat in VilnaEnjoy authentic Lithuanian cuisine June 15
  • Shabbat in an HourAsian Style! June 26 @ 7:30 pm
  • What Is Shavuot (Shavuos)?And How Is Shavuot Celebrated? Read More
  • Ladies FirstWhen G-d told Moses how to prepare the Jewish people to receive the Torah on Shavuos, He instructed... Read More
  • When the Rabbi Was WrongThe rabbi rose to leave, at which point his host asked
    to whom he should make his check...
    Read More
  • 5 Powerful Insights From the Rebbe on the ParshahEnjoy four short thoughts and a video adapted from the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe on... Read More
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